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Mia / CRO, Project Director in Qualitative Research

Mia Yoo is a marketing research expert spanning over 17 years’ experience in qualitative research – first 7 years in TNS Korea where she started her career and last 10 years as a co-founder of RMK Inc.

(formerly known as ‘HMK Research House’) – who can identify consumer

and cultural insights to inform and enhance strategy for content development, marketing positioning, and contextualizing brand health. 

Ever since, Mia has been enthusiastic about challenging the status quo in research methodologies and tried hard to expand the breadth of research methodologies, industry expertise and access to leading edge digital technologies that ensure our research remain relevant and powerful to our clients. 

This, coupled with a pragmatic business-savvy, defines her approach to the marketing and research projects she has undertaken, and that provides insights that help clients make impactful decision that will drive growth. 

Mia holds a degree in Communication and Media Studies from Kyung-Hee University, and Master’s degree in Communication and Media Studies from Seo-Gang University in Korea. 

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