At RMK, various research techniques are employed to get the best solutions for you

Our RMK Methodology

But make no mistake  you’ll find no set formulas here.

We tackle each business challenge with a unique custom set of insights tools 

to find the best way for your project.

 Traditional Qualitative Research 

  • Focus Group Discussion (FGD)

  • In-depth Interview (IDI)

  • Accompanied Shopping Trip

  • Home Visit

  Digital Qualitative Research 

  • Online FGD / IDI

  • Online Bulletin Boards 

  • Digital Ethnography 

  Hybrid U&A Research  

  • Brand Buzz Tracking

  • Home Use Test (HUT)

  • Sentimental Analysis

  • Hybrid Gang Survey

  Trend Spotting Research   

  • Trend Netnography

  • Trend Tracking 

  • Trend Workshop

  • Cultural Safari

*online and offline research methods can be merged if needed