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Trend Spotting Research

We keep eyes on constantly-changing market trends at all times


Cultural Safari


Emotional brand connections

are built on messages and cues embedded

in communication, like colors, shapes, language and humor.

Uncover unique ways to differentiate

your brand with a deeper understanding

of messaging and communication

in major media channels.


Trend scans keep your brand fresh in competitive categories. With an eye towards the future, TrendScans determine powerful emerging trends in your category.


We guide you through the “pop-culture noise” to help identify which trends best align with your brand and how they can work to your advantage.


Insights are only as good as the ideas they inspire, the decisions they inform, and the momentum they build.


To this end, our interactive workshops dimensionalize key findings and prepare your team for ideation, prioritization and activation planning. Our involving exercises help

ensure your business trajectory

is always forward moving.


Opportunities arise when we venture out of our comfort zone. Cultural Safaris are experiential explorations of your consumers’ world with a focus on emerging cultural themes.

Our approach uses cultural insights and expert interviews to create immersive tours and hands-on experiences that make insights real and inspirational.

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