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Justine / Board Advisor 

Justine is an experienced business leader for business and marketing with various industry spectrums such as IT, Software, Education and Raw material for Energy Industry. Accordingly, he led various sizes and development stage global companies such as:

l   CEO of Microsoft Korea, where he engaged in total 16 years of software business and marketing business, 
l   CEO of Pearson Education Korea providing technical expertise in global educational contents and, 
l   CEO of VMware Korea business to help customers’ effective movement of cloud infrastructure for the achievement of business agility. 

Lately, he is engaged in helping and advising various start-up companies to build business strategies for the business growth. 

With his vast knowledge in technology and entrepreneurial experiences in fast changing industries, he is passionate about driving next generation knowledge market and customer research to touch into deeper insights of customer and market movement in the most effective and efficient way

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